Wizard's Academy

Wizard's Academy

Published: 2016
Category: Fantasy, Miniatures
Mechanics: Co-operative Play, Modular Board, Variable Player Powers
Rating: 7.2

1 - 6

90 - 180


On entering the wizard's academy, the new apprentices swore a solemn vow to learn the ways of magic, protect the institution, and uphold its values. Unfortunately most of them have failed to learn any significant magic in their first year. Susie coasts by on her natural talents, Malkar would sooner sell his soul for power than read a book, Nyvetta has forgone that option along with opposable thumbs upon accidentally turning herself into a bear, Flitter is only here to steal magic items to sell on the black market, and Bramblethrone spends too long talking to trees to get anything done. As a group of students, they could not be worse. Wizard's Academy is a co-operative game of magical experimentation for 1-6 players. In each game, the players select a scenario, such as summoning and binding a demon to steal its powers, defending the academy against an attack by an army of Imps, or (in the most difficult scenario) facing an academy inspector whom they must impress with their mastery of magic. Players move around the academy collecting glyphs in order to cast spells. At first, the effects of the spells are unknown, but as the players try new things, the students gain the power to manipulate the academy, the creatures within it, and the fates themselves – ideally achieving their goals before the monsters and elements that they've accidentally summoned reduce the building to smoking rubble.