Space Cantina

Space Cantina

Published: 2016
Category: Dice, Science Fiction
Mechanics: Card Drafting, Dice Rolling, Worker Placement
Rating: 7.7

1 - 4

60 - 90


After the Intergalactic Federation approved the construction of the largest shopping complex known ito the universe, dozens of space traders decided to start their new business in the space station. In Space Cantina you are one of them, trying to make more money from your restaurant while struggling against a fierce competition. Every day, creatures of many different kinds such as aliens, cyborgs and robots pass through the space complex and you need to feed them and earn a good reputation by doing an outstanding service. Preparing food, drinks and desserts and pleasing your customers, who may be even food critics, you have the chance to make your restaurant one of the most profitable businesses in the Universe! Space Cantina is a dice allocation and resource management game where each player manages a restaurant, hiring assistants, promoting them and serving all kinds of customers! The more you please aliens, cyborgs and robots, the more benefits they will offer you in return. However, be careful not to delay too much when attending to your clients or you might lose!