Published: 2016
Category: Abstract Strategy, Animals, Card Game
Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Hand Management
Rating: 7

1 - 4

20 - 20


User summary ことりファイト! (Birdie Fight) is card game about birds trying to achieve dominance in the forest. Each bird is a different colour in the game. Players are forest spirits, trying to secretly guide their chosen bird to success. The cards are numbered 1 to 7 in red, blue, green and white. The players lay a card from their hand to a 5x5 grid after nut tokens (points) are laid out for each row and column. When the grid is full of cards, the rows and columns are checked. The colour with the highest total in a line takes the nut token for that bird. Colours with tied totals are ignored, so a low value card can win the nut token for that bird. When the nuts are totalled up for the birds, the players reveal their final hand card. That card is the bird they favoured (so more than one player might be helping the same bird), and for each player, the number on the card is added to the nut total to identify who has the dominant bird. Since the players choose which bird they favour by leaving it as their final hand card, they can delay this choice until they see how the game is panning out. The game rules come in Japanese and English, the game itself being language free. The game includes rules for 2-4 players or a solitaire/co-op mode for 1-2 players. Publisher's summary 小鳥たちの勢力争いをテーマにしたゲームです。 各プレイヤーに同数のカードが配られ、色と強さを持ったカードを順に1枚ずつ5×5のエリアに配置していきます。空きがなくなればプレイ終了。縦と横の各ラインで見て、マジョリティを取った小鳥が、そのラインの木の実(点数)を獲得します。各プレイヤーは手札が最後に1枚残るようになっており、それが自分のお気に入りの小鳥となります。お気に入りの小鳥が獲得した点数があなたの点数となります。これを2ラウンド繰り返し、最も点数の高いプレイヤーが勝利します。 英語説明書付き