Published: 2015
Category: Card Game, Mythology
Mechanics: Hand Management
Rating: 6.4

1 - 4

20 - 20


Siggils are magical seals where spirits are locked. The players must untie a Siggil and capture the spirits that are escaping!

Siggil is a card game for 1 to 4 players that contains seven families of seven cards numbered 1 to 7 and seven unique spirits cards, each associated with a family and a number. All cards are thoroughly shuffled, including spirits, then placed level-by-level, overlapping face down and face up, according to a simple form called a Siggil. The game includes description to build several Siggils like: The Pass, The Turtle or The Pyramids.

On his turn, a player draws a card from the Siggil and takes it in his hand. When a spirit escapes the Siggil, players can capture it by playing the right combination of cards from their hands. The winner is the first player who controls more spirits than the others at the end of the game.

Siggil also includes rules for a solitary game.