Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse

Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse

Published: 2017
Category: Card Game, Murder/Mystery, Real-time
Mechanics: Action / Movement Programming, Co-operative Play, Set Collection
Rating: 6.7

2 - 4

30 - 30


In a mid-range hotel in the harbor quarter, something terrible has happened — but the perpetrator did not go unnoticed. There are witnesses, but now the perpetrator is at their heels. Time is running out, and the way to the safehouse is still far. Can the players get rid of their pursuer and get themselves to safety? Sebastian Fitzek Safehouse is a nerve-racking chase through five game maps, which are packaged as a book. You must play together and reach the safehouse before time runs out? The game includes three levels of difficulty, and if you scan the QR code, the game can play the original music of the Sebastian Fitzek anniversary show.