Rock'n Roll Manager

Rock'n Roll Manager

Published: 2016
Category: Music
Mechanics: Set Collection, Worker Placement
Rating: 7.6

2 - 5

90 - 90


Have you ever thought of creating your own rock band? Get into show business, surround yourself by guitars, drums, basses and vocals? Have you ever dreamt of performing on huge festivals and traveling the 5 continents making concerts? On Rock'n Roll Manager, all those challenges are brought to life in a vibrant, fun and strategic fashion. But don't expect the routine to be easy... Your agents will have to work hard to hire new musicians, arrange rehearsals, record and sell records and face many challenges along the game. Achieving rock star status won't be easy, but it's impossible to play and not have fun! Rock'n Roll Manager is an eurogame of medium complexity, that pleases beginners and experienced gamers. His main mechanic is worker placement. The game fits 2 to 5 players, and lasts around 90 minutes. Tune your electric guitars, get your drumsticks and raise the volume! Let's rock!