Mediterranean Empires

Mediterranean Empires

Published: 2015
Category: Ancient, Civilization, Wargame
Mechanics: Campaign / Battle Card Driven, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Point to Point Movement
Rating: 7.2

2 - 8

60 - 240


"Mediterranean Empires" is a strategy game for 2 to 8 players that depicts the troublesome hegemonic struggles that took place on the Mediterranean shores in Ancient times before the Roman Empire made it a Roman lake -Mare Nostrum. Each player takes the leading role of one Ancient Empire to rise to global domination or subjugation. For players 12 and up, it is a user-friendly boardgame of strategy and conquest. Interaction between players is the key of the game system.

The game is played with a wide hand of cards that varies from turn to turn due to players´ exploits and events. Cards are the resources of each player (troops, leaders, fleets, diplomacy...) and are played in rounds for events and to send military expeditions to expand your Empire. The game has 3 turns and the end of each one is unpredictable. Each Empire has his own tailored 35-card deck to reflect its own unique characteristics and style of play.