Published: 2015
Category: Ancient, Card Game, Real-time
Mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management, Set Collection, Simultaneous Action Selection
Rating: 6.6

2 - 5

30 - 90


The goal of Lutèce is to have the majority of the 4 resources of the game: beer, bread, swords and wine.

The player with the majority of a resource receives 10 points at the end of the round, second place receives 4 points and the last place receives no points. Therefore, balance between collecting resources should be kept in mind.

You buy character and building cards from a central market to complete your resource set collections. Certain character and building cards cost 0 and give you 1 resource. For example: 1 beer. Other cards cost more: 1, 2 or 3 coins can give 2 beers or a victory point from the bread category by the end of the round.

Other cards produce coins the moment they're bought, in connection the cards that you already possess.

In Lutèce, every player starts with a hand of cards that lets you pick a character and a building in the range of cards available. You collect 5 character and 5 building cards, visible to everyone at the time of selection.

In order to choose the character or building card that you wish to have, place 2 cards facedown that correspond (number or letter) to the desired card in the market.

Before revealing your choices, you can increase the value of your facedown cards by placing coins on your concealed cards. If 2 players want the same card, it is simply discarded and no one gets it!

Increasing the value of the card allows you increase your chance of ensuring your bid, but will draw the attention of other players. If two players' increased values tie, no one gets the card, as it is discarded. Therefore, you have to watch other players and block them and place a daunting bit on your cards!

If you don't have enough money, you also have two cards in your hand that bring you 3 coins each by playing them. At the end of the game, each set of 3 coins = 1 victory point.

At the end of the round, when everyone has drafted one or two cards, the market is replenished with new character and building cards. The cards that weren't selected during the round have a coin added to them (much like passing over a race in Smallworld), making them more attractive to bid upon, as you receive the corresponding coin as well, if you pick up that card. This continues, leaving a mountain of coins on unselected cards after several rounds!

If you didn't win a card on your turn, you get two coins to keep you from crying!

Note: The publisher compares this game to 7 Wonders.