Hoplomachus: Origins

Hoplomachus: Origins

Published: 2015
Category: Dice, Fighting, Wargame
Mechanics: Area Enclosure, Deck / Pool Building, Dice Rolling, Hand Management
Rating: 7.8

1 - 2

15 - 30


Hoplomachus: Origins takes you back to where the story begins, within the small battle arenas of 3 unique civilizations. You will represent one of the warrior houses found in these cities and will be battling for the right to represent your entire civilization in Rome. Quick fights, 3 exotic arenas, and competitive drafting of unique warriors, are what set Origins apart from our other 2 games in the series. Of course, it wouldn't be Hoplo if you weren't playing with premium 11.5 gram chips, neoprene mats, and custom dice!