Guns & Steel

Guns & Steel

Published: 2015
Category: Card Game, Civilization
Mechanics: Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Take That
Rating: 6.4

2 - 4

40 - 70


Technology is a double-edged sword. We have grown accustomed to the comforts of civilization, but at the same time we are always creating bigger bloodier methods of destruction. Will you focus on civil developments to speed up production, or will you build powerful armies to lay waste to your enemies? Do you build wonders that leaves a permanent heritage for mankind, or do you want to seize it from those who are not worthy? Guns & Steel combines the variety of hand building with a unique card flipping mechanism, and enables 2-4 players to compete throughout the ages, struggling to build the greatest empire of the world. Enjoy a tightly packed strategy game that will force you to make challenging decisions on every turn, and experience the rise & fall of nations in just an hour's time. Turn Overview Resource Phase Play a card face-down as a resource card. Development Phase Play a card face-up as a development card. Purchase Phase May buy one card from supply. End of Turn Phase 0 or 1 card in hand: Check if you can gain a wonder. Retrieve cards to hand. 2 or more cards in hand: Do nothing. Game ends when all wonders are taken, or when all Space age cards have been bought. The player with most VP on their cards win the game.