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Coming Soon: Online tournament with prizes. For serious gamers!

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Block Riot - Board Game Tournament

Where: Meet on Discord

Play: Tabletopia (free) or Table top simulator

Game Rules: PDF
A how-to video is on its way

Are you a serious board gamer? Then the Block Riot tournament is for you. Fun and prizes for the winner!

Tournament requires you to register an account here to keep track of your ranking. Please use the same email/username everywhere!

You must read and understand the rules BEFORE the tournament starts!

This tournament is to promote Block Riot to the board game community and help seed our kickstarter campaign so everyone can own their own real copy, which is so much more fun to use. Come along for the journey. One day soon I hope to play IRL using a professionally made copy!

Boardgame events may be posponed due to COVID-19 restrictions in restaurants and cafes

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