Werbrary Games - Eurogaming in the Werribee Library

Werbrary Games - Eurogaming in the Werribee Library

Where: Werribee Library
177 Watton street

UPDATE! March 2021!

Things for community groups are still in hiatus at the library, and as soon as I know of any changes I'll be in touch. With the restrictions lifting further this Friday it's possibly not *too* far away!

Thank you for checking in, I can't wait to see you over cardboard again, soon, hopefully!

Meanwhile, in case you haven't discovered the joys of online boardgame access, check out these sites. You can subscribe for more content / game options, but you can also play for free, which has been fantastic.


Drop us a line here if you want to meet up online for some games OR just head over to the Werbrary BGA group during Werbrary Time (4th Saturday of the Month, 10 - 3 : https://boardgamearena.com/group?id=9060191) cos we will make that magic happen online!!