the Discerning Board Gamer

the Discerning Board Gamer

Where: The House of War
52 Maroondah highway ringwood

We are a group who love our boardgames. We may all have our own tastes on games but a few common traits bind us together. This is the desire to play games that make us think, games that are unique, games that we can laugh over, games that we've possibly never heard of before and games that we'll want to play again next month. Simply put i think we're a group of people who are just a little bit discerning about the games we play. 

We are, as a group and individuals, the Discerning Board Gamer.

I hope you like the new name and that we'll see you at the Discerning Board Gamer on the first Saturday of each month at House of War in Ringwood. 

There is a $5 entry fee to cover costs and gives you access to the Board Game Library owned by House of War, and helps to keep it growing.


A dedicated gaming venue

Despite it’s name, House of War (HoW) is not solely focused on war games. They have a great selection of board games for sale, so if you play a game you enjoy, you might find it available to purchase and go home with it! 

Game Library!

While we still encourage everyone to bring along games to share with others, HoW has an ever growing games library that is available for us to use.

This certainly isn’t compulsory and you can play your own games, but it does open up options to play new games that no-one else has.

Food! Drink!

House of War have a great selection of soft drinks, chips, chocolates, nuts etc. They are also exploring a liquor licence and do have hot food (pies, sausage rolls etc) available to order if you’re peckish for a bit more. I really encourage you to support HoW by purchasing food and drink from them- we are able to use their venue at no cost so this is a great way to give back to them. 


Yes, there is parking in Ringwood. You just have to move away from Eastland. HoW has parking out the front and across the road at Ringwood Square. 


When I started this group, one of my main goals was to create an alternative space for people to gather on Saturday night. Creating an alternative community space is also a goal for HoW so it makes a perfect fit for the Discerning Board Gamer. Other gamers use the space too so there is the opportunity to mix with gamers who enjoy other types of game.


the Discerning Board Gamer will retain it's focus on strategy and euro-games now and always- the new venue does not reflect a change in this at all, it is a venue that accepts gamers from all genres and is hugely supportive of board gaming. They have been open for about a year and are a work in progress with many ideas and plans as they move forward.