TBA - Cafe Games: Party & Social Games Session

TBA - Cafe Games: Party & Social Games Session


Yes, this is a dedicated session for all kinds of party and social games! No euros or strategy games (until 4).
More of a social club than a strategy session!

The restaurant menu is available from the bar and drinks too! "Eat, drink and be merry!"

If you’re new, I highly recommend you start during this session, so you get to meet a variety of people, in some lighter games, before getting into the long strategic games of the later session.

We’re looking for

• Party games, like Dixit, Pictionary, Telestrations, Taboo, Cranium, Reverse Charades, Billionaire, Perpetual Commotion, Articulate, Anomia, Cards Against Humanity etc
• Word games, like Scrabble, Scattergories, Boggle
• Tile games, like Qwirkle, Rummikub, Dominos,
• Card games, like Uno, 500, Bridge, Canasta
• Dexterity games, like Jenga, Crokinole, Bausack and Foosball
• and of course the Psychological/Negotiation games like Werewolf (Mafia), The Resistance, Bohnanza

If you've never played these games before, we're more than happy to show you how. :-)

You’ll notice that after 4pm the latter half of this session overlaps with the “All Games” event. You’re welcome to stay on and continue to play lighter games or even try some more strategic games. ( In case you’re wondering, ruling is, Munchkin is strategy. )

Yes I will be bringing along *some* games, but this sort of event works best when everyone helps out.

Entry: free

Pay: for food, drink as you go. (This is a restaurant, not your mate's garage, so I should not need to spell out that it's inappropriate to bring your own food and drink)

Children: This event is for adult socialisation, please do not bring your children.

Photos and videos from previous Cafe Games events can be found on our website http://cafegames.wordpress.com (http://cafegames.wordpress.com/)