Pathfinder: The North

Pathfinder: The North

Where: Good Games Box Hill
g1/975 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

No room for more players.

No changes to characters.

New characters are level 10, 25 point buy, 63,000 starting gold. Drow and Duergar are not found on the surface (not playable), dwarves and orcs (and half-orcs) are still pretty rare but are now playable races. No guns. We're using slightly modified hero points, but you can't take any of the feats.

Previously: You travelled from where-ever you landed in the north, headed for the northern mountains. You came to a small town on the edge of the mountain range where you found a tree made out of flesh growing in the centre of town, you got weirdly angry about the food served at the small-town inn, also suspicious of the number of couches, and asked around about the tree.

Setting Guide:

PCGen files:

In terms of choosing domains, I didn't list domains for the gods because I don't know all the domains, stick to Paizo domains but any source you want. If it's not standard or if it's only close enough to what's listed for each god, ask me about it so I can check (or look it up).

For PCGen, inquisitor domains are more limited because the way they're coded is bullshit.