Monday Night Boardgames

Monday Night Boardgames

Where: Mitre Tavern
5 Bank Place, Melbourne CBD

We’re back in 2021! Come play games with us!

This venue is definitely biased towards "euro" style games but any and all games are welcome. Anything that is fun to play and share is welcome!

Don't have a game, don't worry. We've got a decent selection, but you're always welcome to bring a game if you would like. Never played a board game before or it's been 20 years? No problem, we'd be happy to show you how to play. We love beginners, because we were all beginners at one point.

Life is full of stress, let Monday nights be a fun night.

Some of the games our regulars own:

Settlers of Catan

Power Grid

Stone Age

Elder Sign


One Night Werewolf


Race for the Galaxy

King of Tokyo

Puerto Rico

Ticket to Ride Europe

7 Wonders

Love Letter

Red Planet

Century Spice Road

and Dark Moon

Also, come to a couple of Meetups and Grab your very own discount card for Mindgames in the CBD. For 10% off and other exclusive discounts.