Gamezilla - board games at Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant

Gamezilla - board games at Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant

Where: Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant
165 Lonsdale Street

Dear Gamezilla attendees,

Today we have a sad announcement,

Late last year the group of buildings on the corner of Russell & Lonsdale Streets including our restaurant were sold. Unfortunately, the sale occurred whilst we were in the middle of renegotiating a new lease. The new owner has demanded a rent increase of close to 50% which the business cannot support.

Due to the untenable rent increase Izakaya Chuji will close and Gamezilla will finish.

Meetups will still go ahead for the next 4 weeks and anyone with punch cards can request refunds for unpunched entries.

Our final nights will be Tuesday 24/03 & Thursday 26/03.

Gamezilla would like to thank everyone who attended our game nights and made the meetup the friendly and inviting place it is. Without your enthusiasm and support we wouldn’t have been able to deliver our beloved board game night for as long as we did.

We hope you enjoyed your time at the meetups and trust you will continue to enjoy the board game hobby with all the friends you made at Gamezilla.

Thank you all again for the support over the years.
Gamezilla Team

Andre, Mark, Jackson, Andrew, Aaron, David & Julia

Q. Will Gamezilla be moving to a new venue?
A. At the moment there is no plan to run the night at an alternative location. But there are many other great nights on the Boardgame Meetup group, we hope you keep coming out to game somewhere.
Q. What will happen to all the games?
A. The games are Andre's collection and he will be keeping them. If he decides to sell any we will let you know.
Q. Will the Facebook Group remain open?
A. Yes! Feel free to keep in touch here. We hope we're all still friends and gaming around Melbourne for years to come.


GAMEZILLA is a popular board game meetup at one of Melbourne's oldest Japanese restaurants, Izakaya Chuji.

GAMEZILLA runs two nights a week (Tuesday & Thursday) and attracts between 60 to 80 board gamers each night, be sure to RSVP!

Enjoy a game, meet people and savour food and drinks from the reasonably priced menu.

We meet on the second floor of the restaurant. Just walk to the back where the counter is and head up the stairs.

If you arrive before 6pm feel free to grab a snack/drink in the restaurant or the sake bar NIHONSHU next door – it’s the door with the red sign.

What do we play?

We love all modern board games, everything fromTicket to Ride to the latest big Fantasy Flight game. Anything that is fun to play is welcome!

You can bring your own games, or choose one from our selection of 150+ games.


Our entry fee is $2. This goes towards keeping our game library full of fun stuff to play:

We also hope you will support the venue with an order of food and or drinks. Thanks!

If you are a newcomer, our hosts are happy to teach you, and our regulars are the friendliest folks in Melbourne. We look forward to meeting you!

Our sponsors

Gamezilla is sponsored by Campaign Coins, makers of fine metal coins for gaming.

And Kaiju Beer, monstrously good beers brewed in Melbourne!

A note about Disability Access: We regret that Gamezilla does not offer disability access at this stage. Our play area is upstairs.