Cardboard City Games Club

Cardboard City Games Club

Where: The Metropolitan Hotel
36-42 Courtney Street
North Melbourne

Due to Covid-19, Cardboard City will be cancelled until further notice.


Cardboard City Games Club welcomes anyone who wants to have good fun with good people and great board games. Beginners are welcome.

N.B There are at least 2 Metropolitan Hotels in Melbourne. Make sure you come to the one in Courtney Street!

The Metropolitan's kitchen is currently closed for renovations, so they're unable to offer food. While the kitchen is closed, it's ok to bring your own or have some delivered.

The event is free, but please support the hotel by ordering a drink.

Since we usually only have a couple of games running, it can be difficult to find a game to join if you arrive late. It helps to arrive around 6.

Bring along your favourite game(s), grab one from our extensive library, or join a table and learn a new one whilst making some new friends.

You won't see Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble or Hungry Hungry Hippos - try Cafe Games for those! But, you will find Catan, Agricola, Carcassonne, Dominion, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, and more.

Never heard of these games? Not been before? No problem! Our friendly local gamers are happy to teach and make newcomers feel very welcome.

What are these modern board games we play?

Many of these games are "Eurogames". These are board games that emphasise strategy, play down luck, often lean towards economic and historical themes, and usually wrap up in about an hour or two.

I don’t have any modern games, can I still play?

Of course! There are always plenty of games to play! The club also maintains a large library of classic easy-to-learn games for anyone to make use of on the night, and you'll easily find someone keen to teach (or you can even teach yourself, if you'd prefer !)

We have over 50 games, all picked to be mostly newcomer friendly, top-rated, and easy to pick and learn on the night. The library contents are tracked on our BoardGameGeek profile here: (