Cafe Games: Strategy Games/Party/Anythin­­­­g Session

Cafe Games: Strategy Games/Party/Anythin­­­­g Session


All kinds of games welcome at this session - light party or heavy euro strategy! Note the starting time of 4pm

Newcomers are encouraged to start with the earlier session - the "Social Games" Meetup event, but if you can’t make that, this session will still be welcoming. The restaurant will also be serving food from 5-9 with drinks available.

All sorts of games are welcome at this session, including but not limited to:

• traditional games such as chess, draughts and mahjong
• modern strategy games such as Powergrid, Arkham Horror, Pandemic, 7 Wonders
• party games like Dixit, Pictionary, Articulate ...

Yes I will be bringing along *some* games, but this sort of event works best when everyone helps out.

Entry: technically free, but a gold coin donation in the tin provided would be great to help with not insignificant costs. You can get change while paying for food/drinks at the register.

Pay: for food, drink as you go. (This is a restaurant, not your mate's garage, so I should not need to spell out that it's inappropriate to bring your own food and drink)

Children: This event is for adult socialisation, please do not bring your children.

Photos and videos from previous Cafe Games events can be found on our website (