ONLINE! Cafe Games: Tabletop Simulator edition

ONLINE! Cafe Games: Tabletop Simulator edition

Where: Online Event

Let's meet up on Tabletop Simulator on Saturday. It has inbuilt voice-chat and you move pieces just like in real life. (Physics engine). There's a flat one-time fee of $29 and needs a computer.
Send me a friend request at code[masked] and I will put you in a Cafe Games chat group just for this weekend. That way you can (if you want) play with just people from Cafe Games.

I've been playing lots of games on it: Bananagrams, Codenames, Hive, Azul, Railroad Ink, Just One, Letter Jam, Pairs, Oceans, Pandemic, Greed, Valley of the Kings, Primordial Soup etc ... pretty much everything is there.

I can provide guidance if you're having difficulty working it out. Contact me directly.

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