Bayside Games (Elsternwick)

Bayside Games (Elsternwick)

Where: Caulfield RSL
4 St Georges Rd

We play board games in the ground floor function room at the Caulfield RSL on Monday nights. It is a spacious venue with good lighting, friendly people and free entry.

You can expect around 15 people playing on 3-4 game tables each week. Recently we have played the following games:

Social games: Werewords and Decypto,

30 minute games: Splendor, Innovation, The Crew, The Bloody Inn, Railroad Ink

Euros: Ark Nova, Viticulture, Scythe, Concordia, Brass, Terra Mystica, Gaia Project, Terraforming Mars, Castles of Burgundy, Lost Ruins of Arnak and Grand Hotel Austria, Anachrony, Dune Imperium, Oceans, Yokohama

Economic games: Indonesia, Food Chain Magnate, Bus, Irish Gauge and Container

Thematic games: Dune (Original), Root, Eclipse, Unfathomable, Nemesis, Spirit Island, Undaunted, Chaos in the Old World, Spartacus and Dominant Species.

7:00pm start:
Please note that the event starts at 7:00pm and that is the best time to arrive as we can ensure that you are included in a game. However if you arrive late you may need to wait for games to finish to be included, or if people are playing long games it might not be practical to start a new game.