Die Legenden von Andor: Chada & Thorn

Die Legenden von Andor: Chada & Thorn

Published: 2015
Category: Card Game, Fantasy
Mechanics: Co-operative Play, Deck / Pool Building
Rating: 6.8

2 - 2

45 - 45


Description from the publisher: To Andor! Chada the archeress and Thorn the fighter travel from the northern end of Silberland to the southern coast of the island. The dwarfs there will help them cross back to Andor. On their voyage, thrilling adventures and new challenges await them. They will reach safe harbor only if they stick together, yet a sinister enemy follows their steps. Die Legenden von Andor: Chada & Thorn, a two-player cooperative card game set in the world of Andor, tells the story of two heroes returning from the north (the setting for Die Legenden von Andor: Die Reise in den Norden). The players may choose one of four ready-to-play adventures, and the placement of the tiles allows them to experience new routes and different challenges.