Championship Formula Racing

Championship Formula Racing

Published: 2017
Category: Racing, Sports
Mechanics: Action / Movement Programming, Action Point Allowance System, Variable Player Powers
Rating: 7.7

1 - 12

45 - 45


In 1971, John Reilly and Tom Divoll designed a racing game that relied purely on skill. Published by 3M, it was called Speed Circuit. Championship Formula Racing is a redesign and reimagining of that game. While skill remains paramount in car design (where players build a car's attributes for the race--start speed, acceleration, deceleration, top speed, and tires) and in running the race, the game has changed to include rules for: - new tracks (to allow a dozen cars to race competitively) - drone cars to fill out a race field (up to 12 cars in a field now) which will race competitively - historical racers - rules for differing types of tires and pitting - eliminate the need for a speed log, using a more modern system of record-keeping in its place