Caçadores da Galáxia

Caçadores da Galáxia

Published: 2015
Category: Economic, Science Fiction
Mechanics: Modular Board, Tile Placement, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement
Rating: 7.7

2 - 4

180 - 180


In a distant future, tiranic megacorporations haunt the galaxy. Gigantic lab creatures serve as weapons on planets at peace. Theres an excelent oportunity for certain corporations and people to gain power and influence becoming the next Galaxy Hunter. Caçadores da Galáxia (Galaxy Hunters) is a euro game of Work and Tile placement about war on distant planets, mech building and resource management. You dock your workers into the planets to gather resources and buy equipment (tiles) to build a better Mech. Once you have weapons and better armor you are fit to combat and can dock your Mech on invaded planets with monsters to engage in a deterministic combat. Once you kill these monsters you gain victory points and also rewards to acquire missions and better gear.