Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance

Published: 2016
Category: Action / Dexterity, Animals, Collectible Components, Electronic, Party Game
Mechanics: Co-operative Play
Rating: 7.1

1 - 5

15 - 30


Beasts of Balance is a game of strategy and balance in which you build a tower of animals on your tabletop, then help them evolve in a connected digital world. A cooperative game for one to five players, the aim is to make the most fabulous world you can by strategically nurturing and evolving your creatures and casting skill-based miracles - before your tower collapses. Players take turns to stack a set of beautifully made artifacts into a tower. As they're placed they pop onto the connected device's screen, where they'll be seen to evolve and grow as players continue to make tactical choices over how they build. Our in-house designed technology uses a unique combination of sensors to recognize the pieces in play, connecting to the device over Bluetooth to tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android.