Published: 2016
Category: Card Game, Science Fiction
Mechanics: Card Drafting, Take That, Tile Placement
Rating: 7.5

2 - 4

15 - 30


Welcome to the highly lucrative world of intergalactic real-estate! In Alienation, you will assume the role of a real-estate agent attempting to satisfy various alien creature clientele. But watch out for your rival competitors, because they will surely be trying to corner the market. Finish with the most points after 3 rounds to win the game! Players will draft a hand of 9 alien creature cards. Creature cards may have 1, 2, or 3 creatures displayed in one of 6 races: Friendlies, Meanies, Rowdies, Sleepies, Matchies, and Sunnies. Each race has very distinct personalities and interacts differently with their neighbors. On his/her turn, the starting player will take one of 2 actions: 1. Play 1 card in his/her own solar system. 2. Play 1 card in another player’s solar system. All cards must be played either adjacent or diagonal to the sun card. Play proceeds left. The next player then takes one of the 2 actions. Once your solar system has 8 creature cards surrounding the sun, it is full. You may now ONLY play cards in other players’ solar systems. The round ends once all solar systems are filled. The final card in each player’s hand is placed into the discard pile. Each player will now score his/her solar system.