Published: 2015
Category: Ancient, Dice, Fantasy, Negotiation, Novel-based, Political
Mechanics: Area Control / Area Influence, Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Modular Board, Worker Placement
Rating: 6.6

2 - 5

60 - 90


Explore a fascinating world similar to that of ancient Greece, full of magic, technological development, and weird customs; in a kingdom mired in court intrigue, seductive women and sword fights; a world of a bloody revolution in which your ancestry no longer matters. It is all about survival and spilling blood in the struggle for the throne in the kingdom of Troy.

Achaia is a tactical game with only one goal: Become the ruler of Troy. Each player represents a noble house, and you try to survive at all costs by use of all kinds of manipulation and foul play. But beware, you will need to avoid the scheming of your envious, vicious and relentless enemies...